PoochP_BeautyVa-va-va Groom includes bath, haircut and nail trim, ear cleaning and gland expression* and a stylin’ bow or bandana.**


Bathing Beauty includes bubble bath, nail trim,* ear cleaning, light feet or feather trimming, and a bow or bandana.**


Quick Trim is perfect for touch-up between full grooms. Get an eyebrow trim, sanitary clip, mat removal or gland expression to stay looking sharp. **

PP Peticure

Pet-icures save your furniture and hardwood floors! A pet-icure includes a nail trim and grinding to keep paws ship-shape.


*Gland expression is included for dogs under 20 lbs. For dogs over 20 lbs, please inquire. Nail trimming and grinding can only be performed if your pooch is agreeable to it. For our safety, we cannot force a pedicure.

**All pricing subject to coat condition, handling and size of breed. Fees may vary.