Meet the Gang

PP Meet Melissa

Groomer Melissa Bennett, with her sidekicks Kirby and Nikki.

Melissa Bennett, Owner/Groomer

Melissa grew up loving animals and friends can attest that she has always had a special way with the four-legged. Becoming a groomer was a natural progression, and a perfect opportunity to put her passion to work.

Among the other joys of having her own business, Melissa says she enjoys getting to know her clients and comes to regard them as family. In fact, she admits to getting a little attached.

Melissa has 12 years of grooming experience and is a graduate of Oregon Pet Grooming Academy. After 10 years as a groomer in Eugene, Melissa decided to forgo the commute and set up shop closer to home.

The pooches of Keizer could not be happier.


PP Meet Phil


Phil Pentecost, Co-owner/Bather

Phil works full time in IT but you might occasionally see him helping behind the counter or lending a hand with larger dogs. Melissa says the animals love him and are stoked to see him enter the shop (and act sad to see him leave!)

A cat person most of his life, Phil warmed to dogs when Melissa and Phil found their chihuahua Kirby running through the streets of North Salem. Their bond borders on the uncomfortable.

Customers will likely see more of Phil as work in the shop ramps up, and for sure on busier days.

Melissa attributes most of Phil’s success to his awesome teacher (her.)

PP Meet Juliet




Juliet, Matriarch

Juliet may very well be the reason that Melissa became a groomer in the first place. When she moved into her first apartment, she knew she wanted a dog, specifically one with long hair that she could brush and style. Juliet gladly accepted the attention, along with the bows.

Juliet is now 13, and slowing down a bit. She sleeps away most of her days and has a harder time getting around. She doesn’t come into the shop because frankly, she likes her peace and quiet.


PP Meet Nikki






Nikki, Shop Greeter

Nikki was rescued from a backyard breeder after she failed to produce enough puppies. Then, she was re-homed with Melissa after her previous owner thought she snored too much.

True story.

All her early shuffling about has left Nikki with some separation anxiety, so she is never far from Melissa’s side, day or night. Nikki can never get enough attention and customers often see her peeking over the shop counter looking for a little love.


PP Meet Kirby






Kirby, Shop Supervisor

Kirby is small, but mighty. Melissa and Phil found her running the streets in North Salem and it took them three weeks to actually catch her. Attempts to find her owner were unanswered so after two months she officially became part of the family.

A knock at the door a few weeks later presented three neighborhood kids who told them Kirby was their dog but they’d been too busy to look for her.

(Another true story.)

Phil and Melissa, who already loved Kirby as their own, offered to buy her from them. The kids took the money without hesitation and Kirby had her happily ever after.